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August 2008
  31st     3km   U20 Inter Regional Match  
 NSC, Isle of Man 
      10km   IOMVAC Union Mills Garage Walks  
      20km   IOMVAC Union Mills Garage Walks  
 Thornton-le-Clay, Yorkshire 
      10km   Northern Area Championships  
 Tonbridge, Kent 
      2km   Tonbridge AC Championships/Open  
      3km   Tonbridge AC Championships/Open  
 Bury AC, Lancashire 
  30th     1 hour   Lancashire WC Track Walk  
 Gdansk, POLAND 
      5km   44th International Festival of Race-Walking (Veterans)  
  29th     5 mile   Coventry Autumnal 5 miles  
 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
      3km   Sarnia WC Road Walk  
  25th     1km   Tamworth Games  
      2km   Tamworth Games  
  24th     3km   VAC T&F Championships  
  23rd     2.5km   NA IC Champs/NA Track Champs  
      3km   NA IC Champs/NA Track Champs  
      5km   NA IC Champs/NA Track Champs  
 The Racecourse, Northampton 
      20km   BMAF 20k Championships  
      30km   BMAF/Midlands 30k Championships  
 Delancey Park, Guerney 
  22nd     5 x 633 metres   Sarnia WC Pace Judgement Challenge  
 Beijing, CHINA 
  21st     20km   XXIX Olympic Games Womens 20km Walk  
  17th     1km   Louise Arthur League - Match 5  
 Saltburn, Cleveland 
      10km   Saltburn Sandblaster  
      2 mile   Saltburn Sandblaster  
      5km   Saltburn Sandblaster/Northern Womens Championships  
      5km   Surrey WC Open Track Walk  
 Milton Keynes AC Track 
  16th     100 mile   Centurions 100 Miles/RWA Long Distance Championships  
 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
  15th     10km   Sarnia WC "Yorkshire Guernsey" Championship 7  
 Foxdale, Isle of Man 
  14th     6 mile   Anna Maria Cutillo Foxdale 6  
      2km   Midland Vets League (South)  
  13th     2km   Midland Vets League (East) - Match 4  
      3km   Civil Service Track Championships  
 Battersea Park, London 
  12th     5 mile   VAC 5 Mile  
 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham 
  10th     3km   England U15 T&F Championships  
      5km   England U17 T&F Championships  
      3km   U23 Home International  
      2km   Kent Young Athletes League  
 Hemel Hempstead 
      2km   Masters Inter Area  
 Isle of Man 
      Marathon   Isle of Man Marathon  
      3km   Eight Counties Match  
      1km   Nuneaton Olympics  
      3km   Nuneaton Olympics  
 Parliament Hill 
  9th     3km   London Inter-Club Challenge  
 Q.E. Stadium, Enfield 
      20km   Enfield League - Race 8  
 Simister, Lancashire 
      20km   R&Z Smith Memorial Walks  
      5km   R&Z Smith Memorial Walks  
 Bornem, BELGIUM 
  8th     100km   39th Annual Dodentocht - Death March  
 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
      1.5km   Sarnia WC Track Walk  
  6th     1 mile   EVAC Round 4  
  3rd     1km   Louise Arthur League - Match 4  
 Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey 
      3.8 mile   Rocquaine Regatta  
 Grangemouth, Scotland 
  2nd     1km   Celtic Games  
  1st     1km   5th City of Sheffield Summer Handicap  
      2km   5th City of Sheffield Summer Handicap  
      3km   5th City of Sheffield Summer Handicap