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Welcome to Racewalk UK

RacewalkUK.com is the central information point for UK based walkers and walking events.

There are different types of events. These range from fun walks and charity walks, to courses with measured distances and times, long distance challenges, and race walking events. New walkers are encouraged to try an event. Existing walkers are encouraged to progress to more advanced events.

What is race walking?

Race walking is a faster version of regular walking and is a recognised discipline of athletics, included in the Olympic Games. It is regulated by the IAAF and judged so that you maintain a good walking technique. Points are awarded based on how fast you complete a fixed distance, and rankings are produced both for the UK and internationally.

What can I achieve?

There are many trophies and medals to be won, at National, Area, County, and local level. Masters medals and Championships are decided on 5 year age groups start at 35 years of age. (M35, M40, M45, W35, etc.) Walk fast enough and you will qualify for international events, and perhaps be selected to compete in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, European Cup, World Cup, etc.

Although most races have no prizes but medals, there are a few with prizes or cash. The biggest annual prize in race walking is $200,000 in the IAAF Race Walk Challenge!

A race walking event can often have people aged from 9 to 95, all with different speeds and abilities. Walkers are the friendliest competitors, often encouraging people as they pass each other or are being passed. In a racewalk you may find yourself competing against an ex-Olympian... or even a current one!
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Race Walking Record
Race Walking Record

Race Walking Photographs by Mark Easton Photography
by Mark Easton

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