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  Date:    12 July 2008      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    50 mile
  Race:    Blackpool 50 - 101st Blackpool 50 Miles  
  Location:    Blackpool

The forecast rainstorms soon cleared up for a mostly dry and pleasant race. After being stopped for too walking too slowly, David Toms surprised everyone by shooting off like a rocket and running a few laps. The Lord Mayor of Blackpool made the presentations at probably the most lavish after-party on the racewalking calendar.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time   

  F   1     Cath Duhig   W50           09:46:00      
  F   2     Hazel Fairhurst   W40           10:16:40      
  F   3     Sue Rey   W50           11:02:45      

  M   1     Ray Pitts   M55           08:58:44      
  M   2     Martin Fisher   M45           09:08:25      
  M   3     Mark Wall   M50           09:09:06      
  M   4     Dave Jones   M55           09:27:00      
  M   5     Simon Cox   M55           09:29:57      
  M   6     Joe Hardy   M60           09:35:53      
  M   7     Chris Flint   M60           09:39:28      
  M   8     Alf Short   M60           09:44:13      
  M   9     David Watson   M70           09:53:09      
  M   10     Tony Collins   M65           10:03:34      
  M   11     Ed Shillabeer   M65           10:05:30      
  M   12     Parminder Bhatti   M50           10:09:30      
  M   13     Peter Jacklin   M50           10:10:31      
  M   14     Sean Pender   M55           10:19:30      
  M   15     Dave Fall   M60           10:50:14      

  M   DNF     Julian Barnett   M45     64520 metres   09:23:17    
  M   DNF     Bob Austin   M60     57280 metres   07:05:34    

 Position  Race  Club
  1   Mixed Team      
  2   Mixed Team      
  3   Mixed Team